Steel road

XCr Classic

As the name suggests this bike features classic look that is available with slopping or without in which case the frame appears more compatible. Subtle tubes are TIG welded using a shielding gas to help create a clean weld. External head tube is 1 1/8. Beauty of the frame is ideally matched by Columbus minimal fork but the choice is yours and any other fork can be used.

Bracket is BSA and the frame is ready for inserting Di2 and EPS electronic systems of gear shifting. Tested geometry flawlessly leads the bike straight ahead yet just like any racing special, Classic smartly reacts to direction change. Columbus XCr rustproof steel tubes are without doubt one of the best there are to get nowadays.

Columbus XCr rustproof steel tubes are without doubt one of the best there are to get nowadays. Extended service life and firmness of the frame are great benefits of the tubes and the whole fulfills expectations a steel frame evokes. If you like the feel of steel, this frame would be your choice. A modern machine where traditional workmanship meets classic design shall satisfy riders of any level. The options of final customization including colors and varnishes are endless.


XCr Classic

price of frame set: 3 200 USD Without VAT

XCR Modern

Development of this frame was inspired by a an ambition to construct a modern racing steel frame that would stand it’s ground among other competitive materials. With this intention we have asked Columbus to create an exclusive line of moulded steel tubes that would push the limits of existing traditional craftsmanship.

In response we were presented with fully functional tubes featuring a sophisticated look that can easily be used with head tube 44mm in diameter. This enables us to combine the frame with tapered fork. Bracket is PF30 and due to a higher level of stiffness it is well prepared for insertion of electronic gear shifting system Di2.

Modern features our own drop outs. Its operation and ability to cope with the surface is a surprise for many riders. It is a steel bike with unusual firmness and tendency to go ferociously onward. Combination of steel and super modern carbon components forms an attractive machine that aspires to become a timeless piece.


XCR Modern

price of frame set: 3 550 USD Without VAT