We know the world of races from the field experience, not from TV shows. Cycling sport is in our DNA. We know it from the inside out. Some of us used to be part of pro teams, some used to stand on the podium. Being part of Olympic teams, travelling the world to compete, spending in the saddle 10 hours a day - this gives us unique knowledge of cycling. This brings us in the know.


The dream of a perfect bike

It all started with the need for a new bike. The bike which we started to crave for years ago, not even knowing at that time how far this craving would take us. We dreamt about the bike which would speak for its owner. The bike which would be timeless and would age with grace. The bike exceptional in all aspects and from all perspectives that could be regarded in a bike.

Forging our own path

We first put our heads together over this project in 2010. Michael, as a former pro rider, had a lot of valuable knowledge about bicycles and a lot of relevant contacts in the cycling industry. Nevertheless, none of the frame builders we had approached was able to put our visions to life. After half a year of continuous attempts to explain to the frame builders what our dream bike should look like we had given this idea up and decided to pursue our own path.

Controlling the process from A to Z

We founded a company which would dedicate itself to the manufacture of bicycles for demanding clients. And thus Festka came into existence. (Festka is a slang word for a track bike in Czech language). One thing was clear to us from the very start: the manufacture of high-end bikes would not be an easy task to do and a lot of hard work laid ahead on the way. But our plan was simple - build a manufacture where we would have every step of the process under our control: from the first cut of a tube to the last stroke of the paintbrush.

Bicycle as a piece of art

We started with design - our first colleague was Tomáš Hnida. We collaborated with him over the design of the bikes. Track bikes - fixies - were the easiest type of bikes to produce, but their design and personalisation were a great and challenging experience to us all, which we still draw from in the present days.

Solid R&D base

Later we understood that technology and innovation are those aspects that might give us an upper hand advance us over our competitors and we laid the basis of what in the following years became inseparable and important part of Festka - our R&D. It was not an easy task to find excellent specialists with masterful hands and a passion for cycling. Our R&D base emerged It emerged gradually thanks to such people as Svatopluk Zatloukal, who breathed life into our titanium bikes manufacture. With his experience of a person who had spent most of his life working with this metal in aircraft industry and who was the soul of Morati company, he was an invaluable member of the Festka crew. It is thanks to his approach of a leading engineer, who can balance on the fringe of the latest technological possibilities, that our full-titanium model Asphalt saw the light of the world. This model nowadays belongs to the most advanced titanium bikes of the modern cycling industry. The carbon branch of Festka was started by Jan Novák, a talented engineer and a builder of carbon disc wheels. Unfortunately, in the year 2014 he tragically died in a car crash. His place was taken over by Tomáš Ponížil, who in close cooperation with the Czech company Compotech continued to develop the manufacture of carbon frames carrying the famous Festka branding. When choosing our technological approach we did not look on how the other brands build their production, but instead we focused on how the manufacture of bicycle frames should look like in the future. Therefore we made a decision to depart from the old-fashioned method of building frames from carbon prepreg, which is nearing its technological pinnacle these days. Instead we decided in favor of extremely accurate robotic weaving of carbon tubes. We are heading the same way as the aircraft industry is heading nowadays.

We learn and grow with each new partner

Nowadays Festka’s R&D program is spread across several universities and is built around a number of valuable partners, who are experts in their fields of operation. Our team consists of engineers responsible for the construction of the frames and chemists who take care of the technology of tube connections. Our R&D has become part of the ESA BIC Prague technological incubator run under the aegis of European Space Agency.

We build the bicycles for life, we build the bicycles we ride

Over the years we have spent creating and manufacturing bicycles, we have arrived at a conclusion that building a bicycle is not a rocket science - the manufacture of the frame consist of only a few steps. But it is in these steps that one can get on the rocket-science level. Every day we apply state-of-the- art scientific and engineering knowledge and know-how from all the areas we need, forging our way, disregarding the trends of the modern cycling industry. Our path is illuminated by science not by trends. We build the bicycles that correspond to our visions and ideas, and it is such bicycles that we enjoy building most.

Ondřej Novotný & Michael Moureček




Foundation of Festka

  • 2010

    Our first manufacture premises in a garage in Prague residential district

  • 2011

    We launch our road bike production

  • 2011

    First carbon frame Festka Mops

  • 2011

    First stainless steel bicycle of Festka

  • 2012

    Project 200

  • 2012

    Participation in the first international exhibition NAHBS

  • 2013

    Festka Zero

  • 2013

    Our office is moved to city center at Jana Masaryka street

  • 2013

    Festka x Rapha

  • 2014

    Art editions

  • 2014

    We launch production of Asphalt model 2014

  • 2014

    Festka ONE

  • 2015

    Festka Doppler

  • 2015

    Festka bicycle participates the World Championship for the first time

  • 2016

    Business Incubator of ESA BIC Prague

  • 2017

    First Festka Store
    Opened in Prague

  • 2018



Following our chosen path, we collect knowledge and re-apply it to the process of manufacture. We learn from our mistakes, grow and evolve with each new model. Creating extraordinary bicycles is a challenging task, it requires skill and determination. But not only that. At its core lies a thorough analysis of the rider’s expectations, it involves a deep understanding of deployed materials and expertise in cycle sport, it calls for ingenuity and sophistication of human hands building the frame, it requires exquisite taste in design and boldness of imagination.



Our allies are the manufacturers from different branches of industry with whom we share core values and similar visions. They help us to better show who we are and what we stand for. Together we grow stronger helping each other to develop, improve and intensify our core values.