We are TEN years young! Time to look over our shoulder without taking our eyes off the road ahead. It's been a great but often precarious ride. All the major crossroads and milestones on the route we've travelled are marked by pivotal encounters: with suppliers of materials, services and ideas, budding producers of apparel and components with a similar philosophy, established icons of the industry generously treating us like their equals…

Although the first ever Festka frame was an ambitious shot at stainless steel, it was only a few months later that our first carbon bike saw the light of day. With carbon gradually becoming the predominant material we build our bikes with, we decided to commemorate the anniversary as a celebration of this amazing material whose Festka incarnation looks like nobody else's. We have made limited editions of ten fully built bicycles of each of our bestselling models Scalatore, Rover and Doppler. The unifying features of their design schemes are naked carbon and 24 carat gold Xs on the down tubes symbolising the 10th anniversary as well as the number of limited edition pieces in a Roman numeral. Each of the Xs is further marked by numbers 1-10 for each frame in the limited run.

The first bike in this anniversary limited edition release is Festka Scalatore X - our top of the range road model and a true black carbon beauty. On this special occasion it comes exclusively fitted with a carefully curated selection of components including SRM power meter cranks, a Darimo cockpit and Lightweight wheels. There are only ten bikes in this limited run and they are offered on a first come first served basis.


Rover X and Doppler X still available!

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