We grow and evolve technologically thanks to our partners and with our partners. Technology and scientific research is the drive which propels us into the future.

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This is not just a carbon frame. Our frames are made from the combination of the best carbon and graphite industrial fibers used in the spacecraft industry. Add handcrafted tube-to-tube connections, Ti-drop outs and modern finishing materials and you will be presented with a state-of-the-art product.



We are proud to be part of the ESA BIC incubator, run under the aegis of the European Space Agency. Participation in this business incubator gives us a unique opportunity to tap into a vast scientific knowledge base and opens the doors to a network of top notch partners. This gives us amazing possibilities of growth and development and takes us to totally new horizons of technological advancement.




Creating a beautiful frame is not just about making an accurate seam or knowing how to weave carbon fibres. It needs dexterity of human hands, an individualized approach and perfect craftsmanship of every profession involved. During the 32 hours it takes to make a Festka frame, it goes through no fewer than 11 pairs of skillful hands. We believe this is the only way to create a perfect bicycle frame which will excel both in terms of beauty and functionality.

90° ensures the shape stability of the tube. This layer prevents the deformation of the tube. In technical terms it provides the maximum bending moment in relation to the stability of the wall.

45° angle maintains the tube’s torsional stability and prevents its mechanical damage,

0° maintains the stiffness of the tube in axial bending.

The latter, zero angle, is the most crucial of the three. While most of the carbon composite manufacturers settle for the helical "near zero" angle which in practice means 5-7° degree towards the axis of the tube, the tubes in your bicycle were created with the use of CompoTech's unique know-how allowing to achieve precise 0° axial layer of fiber.

Why does it matter? It has been test-proven that the precise axial zero degree of the filament layer leads to about 15% in stiffness improvement and 40% improvement in strength, maintaining at the same time excellent reliability and durability of the material.

The latest refinements of the technological process enable CompoTech to offer highly customized tubes, which can vary in length, diameter, wall thickness, shape, natural frequency, energy absorption degree, temperature stability, thermal conductivity and other mechanical properties.

Why settle for less, when perfection is already there!



While the tubes for our frames are made by robots, the actual building of the frame is entrusted to skillful human hands. Thanks to our unique tube-to-tube lamination method we create safe and reliable frames which will not fail you under any circumstances. And if you do have a bad crash and damage your frame, this ingenious technical solution makes frame repairs not only possible but absolutely perfect.



With its unique qualities and stunning surface, Titanium is a gem among metallic alloys. We wanted to use the qualities of this metal to the maximum in one of the most vulnerable parts of the frame – the dropouts. They take the highest load and the wear & tear they sustain causes problems with shifting over time. Our superbly rigid titanium dropouts are so stable that your rear derailleur servicing bills will drop noticeably. And taking your rear wheel off and putting it back has never been easier and faster.



The vibrant colours and exquisite designs of your Festka frame are only possible thanks to a perfect synergy between the art director and the master painter. To bring the mock-up design to life, we deploy the latest technologies in the paint and coating industry, managing and overseeing the whole process ourselves, constantly improving and researching new finishes and painting techniques.



Carbon tubes are the core building material for every Feska frame. Produced to the high technological standards of the aircraft industry, these tubes bring Festka bicycles into close kinship with modern jets. Every tube is manufactured from one continuous fibre of carbon filament eliminating air bubbles, seams and joined fibers. The CNC automated AFL (axial fibre laying) machine technology ensures unparalleled quality in every tube produced. The capability to work with individual fibres brings nearly unlimited design options and allows us to optimize the tubes to virtually any specifications.

CTU Research


To be able to make the most out of a high quality building material, one needs to know exactly how this material behaves under stress. The quest for this knowledge has inspired us to undertake a complex scientific research project to optimise the frame construction. The project is a cooperation with one of the leading European innovation hubs at the Department of Mechanics of the Czech Technical University.

The project deploys advanced research technologies, such as Digital Image Correlation used for measuring the flat deformation rate, or Fibre Bragg Grating sensors used to measure deformations inside the composite structure. Using a great number of sensitive strain gages, the research team is able to monitor the behaviour of the material with the kind of precision not achieved previously.

The test results are used as input data for the mathematical modelling where 3D models of stress allocation on the frame are created using Final Elements Analysis methodology. The models are further optimized with the ultimate target of achieving the best balance of comfort, stiffness, reliability and durability of the frame.


Quality control of metal products is a well developed discipline but it is extremely difficult to check the quality of carbon products.Thanks to a unique partnership within the framework of ESA BIC Prague, we have access to an advanced method of X-ray scanning which gives us a head start in the area of carbon frame quality control.