A New Era in Bicycle Production

Since its conception in 2010, Festka committed to use machines as much as possible. Most carbon bicycle frames in the market today are made by hand which leads to their production being moved to places offering cheap labour. Festka travels in the opposite direction. All the operations that can be automated are left to automatons to do. Only where a man’s hands can do a better job, we entrust the work to exceptional craftsmen.

Unlimited customisation

It has always been our main goal to offer the best possible technology in combination with maximum freedom for customisation. We build our frames from carbon tubes in a way similar to how bike frames are made from steel tubes. This technology gives us unlimited possibilities in terms of sizes and geometry. People have different ideas and expectations and we are here to meet them. It will always remain one of our priorities to be able to build a highly individualised machine for every one of our clients.


Thanks to partnerships with leading technological houses we can apply cutting edge technologies in the production of our frames. Our R&D team is involved in a constant search for improvements. The circle of our partners includes the European Space Agency and its network of research centers, top manufacturing companies and institutions of technical learning.

“I always saw the short lifespan of a bicycle as a hindrance. I wanted a bike for keeping, a bike I could have a personal relationship with. When I set out to buy such a machine in 2010, I soon realised that it was not available. And so Ondrej Novotny and I founded Festka.”

No Compromise on Components

Many different bicycles can be built around one frame. That’s why we never limit our clients in terms of what they can or can’t put on their bike. We spend a lot of time testing components in order to be able to recommend the best. We take our clients by the hand through the selection and building process to make sure everything fits as it should. While there is a huge choice of components on offer, many manufacturers tend to settle for one supplier to make their lives easier. But we know how important these details can be and will never cut corners.

Iconic Visual Identity

Festka frames had been made from round section tubes for a long time. Benefitting from the vast expertise of our supplier of wound carbon fibre tubes, Compotech, one of the world leaders in the field, we are gradually introducing other tube shapes to improve critical qualities such as stiffness and comfort while making sure our frames retain their strong visual identity. 

Design Schemes

It is undoubtedly our design schemes that are the first-sight attraction for most people when they encounter Festka. From pared down core designs to laborious signature schemes we strive for a good balance of originality and purity of design. Some of our more daring designs, such as Pablo and Dazzle, have served as inspiration for other bicycle manufacturers. The skill of our master painters and the huge amount of time spent on our designs schemes are unparalleled. 

Customer Service

It is not easy to build a good bicycle. We know it and that’s why we try our best to make every purchase of a Festka a special experience. You don’t need to worry about which size or what components to choose. Our customer service personnel will take you through the whole process step by step.


Shit happens, it’s a fact of life. Our frames are designed in such a way that they can be easily repaired. We can take care of most types of damage, ranging from a chip in the paintwork to replacing an entire tube. Every part of the frame can be replaced so you will always get the frame back like new.