The desire to improve our frames is often inspired by technologies and materials whose functionality hugely exceed the needs of our industry. The vast experience of the members of our team coupled with creative partnerships with institutions such as the European Space Agency and technical universities allow us to develop each frame from scratch, ask ourselves lots of questions and try and find the best answers.



We create bicycles for cyclists; bicycles that perfectly serve their purpose. We don’t chase after the latest marketing trends. Our objective is a bicycle that is not only a perfect ride but also easy to maintain and durable. We carefully weigh every detail that shows potential to get us closer to light, efficient and durable bikes. With us comfort and performance always win over catchy gimmicks. That’s why our products are as timeless as they are.

When we set out to develop a new model, we start by defining its future rider’s needs. Every model in our range is intended for a different type of rider. We do not design our frames to a price point. We are fully aware of the fact that our freedom to create without limitations is rare and we enjoy it to the full. Once the prototype is finished, we put it through rigorous tests by independent professional riders as well as university researchers to ascertain whether our effort enriches the world of cycling in the way we intended.

If we are convinced we reached our goal, we start the production with a small run. The first batch of frames is given to our ambassadors to ride. The feedback we get from them helps us solve problems before the frames reach our customers. It is only when we are completely satisfied the frame is perfect that we authorise it for commercial production. However, if our R&D team discovers, as we go along, anything that might bring an improvement, we immediately start to look for a way to implement it. Although our frames don’t change their overall appearance every season, they are constantly being quietly fine-tuned and polished to perfection.

We have the whole production process under our control. This gives us the rare freedom and opportunity to constantlz improve our products in all areas. We work the same way as the best chefs who - through the use of the best, albeit ordinary ingredients - deliver surprising results others cannot replicate.

Man and machine

We let robots do everything they can do better than people. That way we elevate the quality of our products and protect the health of our workers. Even so, our frames are always designed to allow virtually limitless customisation.

Cooperation with important partners is key for Festka. Working with experts from areas outside the cycling industry broaden our awareness of new technologies and materials and inspire and motivate us to push the boundaries of our own industry.

Wound carbon fibre tubes are the core building material for every Festka frame. Produced to the technological standards of the aircraft industry, these tubes bring Festka bicycles into close kinship with modern jets. Every tube is manufactured from one continuous strand of carbon filament eliminating air bubbles, seams and joined fibers. The CNC automated AFL (axial fibre laying) machine technology ensures unparalleled quality of every tube produced. Our capability to work with individual strands brings nearly unlimited design options and allows us to optimize the tubes to virtually any specifications.