Our collab with the artists Ondrash & Kasparek presented last November attracted a lot of attention. The tandem composed of a renowned tattoo artist and a clever tinker had recently invented an original technique for creating stunning abstract works by painting on the surface of the water and transferring the creations onto canvas. Applying the technique to a 3D object such as a bike frame was a big challenge but challenges are what these guys love.

Today we’re very excited to be able to present the first Ondrash & Kasparek frame made for a client. The artists have clearly perfected their unique creative method to the minutest detail since their initial attempts nearly a year ago.

We're doubly pleased that the bike sporting such a special scheme is not going to end up hanging on a wall. The client is an eager rider who is sure to give this Rover, our all-rounder gravel bike, a good going over. And true to the Rover's concept, both on and off the road as he ordered two pairs of wheels straight away. It goes without saying that the frame was built to measure. There was an element of choice in the design scheme, too. Based on the client’s preferred colour palette the artist prepared three samples to get as close to his desired idea as possible.

The handover by the artists in their studio included the presentation to the client of a painting composed of the same abstract organic multicolour shapes that adorn the bike frame. Such painting is an optional choice with every Ondrash & Kasparek bike.

If you bump into the happy owner of this Festka Rover in Hamburg don't be surprised. He calls both the Northern German port city and Prague home.

For a complete cookbook on how to order a frame adorned with Ondrash & Kasparek abstract art please click on the button below.



written by: Janek Jaros
photos: Tom Hnida

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