You by Festka

You by Festka is the top-level package of design and customer service we offer. It is limited to twelve slots per year only due to the complex and demanding nature of the projects undertaken in this category and the time spent during the creative process. You by Festka offers a level of personalisation unparalleled in the industry. It is a service that knows no limits.

You by Festka is reserved for clients who want a unique looking bike and an exceptional level of customer service. And that varies widely from person to person. Some clients give us a bunch of ideas, a piece of inspiration or just tell us something about themselves and leave the rest to us while others come to us with a concrete idea of what they would like their bike to look like and are keen on participating in the process.


Although most You by Festka design schemes are born in-house, sometimes bringing an artist on board will ensure a better result and a lot of media attention. And if your bike doubles as a piece of art, it can’t be a bad thing!

We are happy with any shape or form our cooperation may take. We love challenges so don’t hesitate to present us with the craziest ideas that come to your mind. It’s projects like these that make us push the boundaries of our skills and abilities. 


"The greatest thing with going full custom is that you get exactly what YOU want, be it a porcelain-looking bike or whatever comes to your mind. What are you looking for in a bike? Just go ahead and make it happen..."

Antti Peltonen


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