Frequently asked questions

No, it's not.

Disc brake frameset
Frame, fork, headset, seatpost clamp, rear derailleur hanger, front&rear thru axles with a removable T25 tool, chain stay protection sticker, barrel adjusters (on a frame for a mechanical groupset).

Rim brake frameset
Frame, Columbus fork, CaneCreek headset, seatpost clamp, rear derailleur hanger, chain stay protection
sticker, barrel adjusters (on a frame for a mechanical groupset)

The current lead time is 4-6 months depending on the model and specifications. 

As soon as the Order Confirmation is signed. Before the OC can be signed we must agree on the following: model, all components, size/geometry, design scheme category. Further details such as colours and personalisation can be discussed later.

Ideally not. The sooner we place orders for components the sooner we will have them. Changing the design scheme category before the frames goes into the paint shop is possible but not welcome since it affects our production schedules.

We don't but do not hesitate to ask. There may be a frame/bike available that might suit you. Enquire or check here.

We use TNT for Europe and the UK and FedEx for the rest of the world. We can use DHL on request.

We can only give you a quote based on the current price which may change by the time your frame/bike is ready for shipping.

Yes, it may depending on where you are. Our prices for frames/bikes delivered to EU countries include 21% VAT. Frames/bikes delivered to countries outside the EU are likely to be subject to taxes. We strongly recommend that you contact the relevant authorities in advance to avoid disappointment.

Only on a case by case basis. We try to avoid it because the components may get lost/damaged in transport or have compatibility issues.

You can but the sale will be subject to 21% VAT. We don't participate in any TaxFree scheme. EU customers pay the VAT regardless of whether they have their order shipped or collect it personally.

Please go to Shipping

Yes, we can. You must tell us in advance.


The only change we allow is the choice of colour under the R&D colour option.

No, we don't.

Yes we do, see You by Festka.

No, you cannot.

No worries, we will take you through the process. If it transpires that our standard geometry doesn't suit you, we will offer you our Custom Geometry option. In order to prepare a custom geometry drawing for you we will need a bike fit report or critical dimensions of your current frame. You can get fitted where you are or come to Festka for a bike fit.

Our tubes are optimised for all weights and sizes. Custom geometry refers to geometry only.

No, they don't. Please tell us if you think your weight could be an issue.

The most suitable bottom bracket solution for our frames is the PF86 standard. Our bottom bracket tube is very accurate and stiff. The popular BSA solution is not a suitable option for our frames since its narrower shell doesn't leave enough space for lamination. The same applies to T47 which, in addition, interferes with internal cables on our frames. You needn't worry about creaking noises. Our BB shell is a highly accurate carbon tube, whereas BBs on monocoque frames are made of several layers of carbon sheets which tend to delaminate and that's what causes the dreaded creaking noises.

This is to do with the 44 mm diameter of our HT. It requires a fork with a tapered steerer for disc brake models which leaves no space to integrate the HS. The models where we can do it are SPECTRE and SCOUT.

None other than the obvious. 

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