After years of fairly inconsistent attempts to develop Festka merchandise inhouse, we thought it was time for a collaboration with somebody who knows what they're doing. Someone mentioned the boutique fashion label CHATTY and when we met with them it soon became obvious they were the right fit for us.

Radka Sirková and Anna Tušková, the two designers behind CHATTY, liked FESTKA for the same reasons that we liked them: courage, creativity, attention to detail and focus on quality. In their own words, CHATTY see the main features of their work in premium materials, perfect craftsmanship and distinctive design that combines modern female silhouettes with sports details and elements of man's fashion...

The t-shirts and sweats designed by them for FESTKA have a slim and elongated cut that keeps them sexy without being too restrictive. Their most distinctive feature is the wider neckline. The material is 100% heavy-duty cotton. As with all CHATTY produced garments, it was sourced in Europe, this time in Portugal.

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