Spanish blood orange. La Vuelta limited edition is red. It is symbolic for the race just like yellow goes with Tour de France and pink sticks to Giro d’Italia. Red is also the colour most people would address to Spain with corrida bullfights in mind or the flaming Spanish hearts. Nowadays, red is the colour of the winner’s jersey, but it used to be orange and yellow so these colours are portrayed on the frame.

Picking the design that would represent the home country of La Vuelta race was an outright choice - Pablo. We first introduced this design in 2012 and named it after Pablo Picasso. Wonder why? Cubism presented in Picasso’s work was a great inspiration for the labyrinth of geometrical shapes. As a Czech based company we are influenced by cubist art and architecture that we see in some of the beautiful houses on the streets.

La Vuelta is not our typical Pablo design though. It draws on it but it stands out. La Vuelta is a bit of Pablo, bit of the race symbolism and a whole lot of beauty in one frame. True colours of the sun, oranges and blood in contrast with black and all in matt give the frame a stunning look.

The chain stay says Edicion limitada and states the number of the frame in this specific series. On the stem number 73 points to the edition of the race. The brand name on the down tube is smartly incorporated into the design this time. It is actually the first time such a thing appears on a Festka. Just like the yellow Dazzle we built for Tour de France it is a Spectre frame that we devoted to La Vuelta. These two editions differ in more than colour and design just like the two races differ in various aspects. Spectre for La Vuelta is equally stiff but doesn’t feature disc brakes in order to be lighter and make the climbs of the Pyrenees easier. Spanish routes are narrower and steeper than the French which is why we focus on low weight.

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