Rubber N' Road is New York City's only independently owned cycling collective. Their goal is to bring the finest in global cycling culture to New York City and beyond by offering products made by people whom they personally know and believe in. Plus they are New York cyclists who are here to build a diverse and inclusive cycling community with a true appreciation for the sport of cycling. And they serve the best coffee around...

Rubber N' Road base their philosophy around the idea that you need to know the originators of the products you offer. When they approached Festka over a year ago, they couldn't travel because of covid so instead, there were hours of video calls. Last week finally they were able to make the trip to come and see us in Prague. After a factory tour and a bitterly cold ride with Michael, we sat down for chat.

If you are interested in the cycling scene in New York City, please press the play button below to listen to something we could call the first Festka podcast.



written by: Janek Jaros
photos: Gil Lavi, Tom Hnida

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